Rides - Games

The Spencer Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Main Event Amusements.
Get ready for a brand new midway with more rides, games, food and fun.  Main Event Amusements of Salvay, NY has been in business for more than thirty years. Today, they can supply more than 20 different rides. This includes a variety of rides and games for kids and adults of all ages!  
New ticket pricing is also available. No more hunting for coupons or 1 night tickets.
The tickets you purchase will be good every night of the event.  
The larger the package..the better the value.
1 ticket...........$1.00
20 tickets.........$18.00
$15.00 ride bracelet specials will be avaiable  Wednesday night
and $20.00 bracelets on Saturday  from 12:00 until 5:00
See the variety of rides and games at 
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